Ninja Agborn - Coverdesigner and photographer in Berlin/Sweden

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About Ninja

Ninja's fascination with photography,
art and music was already evident in her
early years.
Her grandmother having been a painter,
she learned about colors, composition and art
at a very young age.             
She learned to develop
photos in her own dark room in Kungsbacka,
a small town close to Gothenburg, Sweden,
where she grew up.                                                   

Ninja’s interest in music really got started when
she heard 50’s rock’n’roll and blues in her
childhood, which a couple of years later inspired
her to start composing her own songs.
Today she has a good knowledge of various
different types of music.

In Upper Secondary School she chose
art as her main direction.
She took additional art subjects during
earlier school years.

Later on, Ninja also enjoyed further education in
photography and graphic design at the university,
as well as philosophy and ethnology.
In 2004 she started to work for the Malmö-based
jazz record label Kopasetic productions,
designing CD covers, flyers and posters as well as
taking pictures at concerts and events.

In 2007 she moved to Berlin to gain new inspiration
and to broaden her mind even more.

For some time she worked as a cook in Berlin
as well as in the colourful masquerade store
„Buttericks“ in Sweden where she found good use
for her fantasy, humour and her knowledge of
fashion history.

Besides her work as an artist and photographer
she studies chinese culture and medicin, acupucture.
She drives oldtimers, plays guitar, sings, paints  
and likes reading, visiting exhibitions and concerts.

In 2013 she took a year off to travel and study culture in
China, Taiwan, Japan and Nepal/Himalaya.



Kopasetic Productions, Swedish jazz record label

Lisa Linnea Smith, illustrator and artist

Björn Wallin, web designer

Jazzclub, Berlin

Telos, swedish band 


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