Ninja Agborn - Coverdesigner and photographer in Berlin/Sweden

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Photography // Portraits

Ninja’s interest in photography developed very early on in her life.
She has been taking concert photos and portrait pictures of musicians and bands for more than a decade.

When documenting concerts, catching the spirit of the moment and letting the camera follow the music is very important to her.
Likewise, upon taking portrait pictures she focuses on the person’s soul and personality.
According to the customer’s wishes and requirements, there is the possibility of using both classic viewcameras, modern cameras, analog as well as digital technic.

Photography // Retro Portraits

Ninja has a big interest in and knowledge of the fashion, film, style and music of the 1920s to the 1950s.
For vintage style portraits she mostly uses classical equipment - in both her photo studio and other environments.

Just bring along the clothes and accesories you would like to be portrayed in and sit down at the make-up table
and relax with a cup of coffee!
Ninja has a big selection of pictures and books on the topic to give you ideas and and inspiration
and, of course, she will gladly give styling tips if needed.